The name Lightbulb was given to me long after my obsession with neon clothing began. I’ve always craved to be different- and 15 years ago you didn’t see a lot of people walking around in a full neon wardrobe. When I started to get involved in sports- my teammates latched on to the nickname lightbulb, which has carried into my adulthood and was even modified to now just Bulb.


I’ve always loved sports, or rather any type of physical activity. I am constantly on the move, trying new things, or bettering myself in any area that I can. You can find me doing acroyoga, weightlifting, frisbee golf, basketball, volleyball, ninja warrior, rock climbing, spikeball, tennis, soccer, swimming, or even playing pool or table tennis. The list could actually keep going, but i’ll spare you from naming off every single sport in American history.


I definitely have the physical part of life down to a tee, nutrition is where I’ve struggled for many many years. Growing up, my parents made an extreme effort to keep me on a healthy diet (which I am so grateful for). But that never stopped be from indulging at friends houses, or any chance I got. As I got a little older, I was also bombarded with medical problems that limited the types of food I could eat and greatly affected my weight. This put a serious strain on my understanding of “healthy” and started what would be a long struggle with food.


Through the course of my early adult life, I tried every single diet known to man (and every single weightlifting program too). I struggled with my body image and wanted nothing more than to have washboard abs and big arms. To help reach my goals, I spent thousands of dollars on different diets/programs/coaches to lead me in the right direction… but no matter how many times they told me to hit my macros, I simply could not sustain it. So after many years of trying, I gave up on the diets and started to educate myself.

I hate the word ‘obsessed’, but I was definitely obsessed with reading anything I could get my hands on, watching hours upon hours of videos, attending classes, listening to podcasts, and doing trainings. What I learned is simple, to make anything sustainable- you must build a habit. So that’s what I did, I built habits.

With habits, comes very slow progress. I worked for months on just adding vegetables into my meals (my #1 tip for starting to change your diet). But 3 years later, I have an entirely different diet, lifestyle, and relationship to food. And the most important part? I never felt like I was dieting, I never felt overwhelmed (although I did lose my way a few times), and I never once missed how I used to eat.


Once people started to notice my lifestyle changing (let me tell you, habits affect your whole life), they wanted to share in the success. I worked with my wife to help her lose weight. (She’s a type A personality and will do whatever you say and be phenomenal at it) So building habits was a lot quicker and easier for her. But in just a year she lost 20lbs and loves her body more than ever. I started working with more friends and family and as the word spread, I realized that there are more people out their that could use guidance, hence Bulb Nutrition.


My goal is to create nutritional habits for people to achieve whatever their goal is. Whether that be aesthetics (looks), performance (physical activity), or longevity (living a long healthy life).. Or a combination of all of these. I want to take the negative connotation away from the word “diet” and change the way people go about losing weight or gaining weight. I want to educate people on how their bodies work and give them the tools that can build these habits so they can not only have a sustainable healthy diet, but can also implement healthy habits elsewhere in their lives.


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