I am available 24/7 for any questions or problems that may pop up along the way. I am here to support you, encourage you, and educate you along the way to reaching your goals!


We start with a phone call to outline the process, learn more about you, and answer any questions you may have. When you are ready to start you will submit payment and fill out our intake form so we can gather all the necessary data to put together a plan!


After learning more about you and your goals, I develop a plan to get you there. I break down each long term goal into small attainable habits that we incorporate in each week. When a habit is successfully achieved, we move on to the next step until the goal is finally reached. We will have weekly phone check-ins to provide encouragement, track your progress, and make any necessary adjustments. 

Let's Go!

Feeling ready to hit the ground running? Figuratively, I mean (Nobody is forcing you to run here). 


I had never worked with a nutrition coach before, but meeting Bulb and hearing the plan he had for me, I was intrigued. I had quite a few life challenges ahead of me, like moving across the country and working night shifts, so I started with apprehension that I had just too much going on to start a nutrition plan. Alexander crafted an individual guide to help me succeed. Every week I had a personalized phone call with Alexander to rehash my pros and cons from the previous week. Knowing I was going to have that phone call with Alexander kept me accountable. I had a few bumps along the way and realizations that certain tactics just didn't work for me. This plan is so individualized that it was able to fit my sporadic lifestyle and needs. I can't recommend this program enough and more than anything else in this highly competitive market. I will have to say that you do have to make yourself vulnerable to letting the coach into your life, but once you get beyond that step your nutrition and body composition goals are yours! -Tara